“Urban Talks”, one of the events organized ever since the establishment of KADOS, brings the specialised science, culture and art people and the people who are interested in similar areas together and served as a mediator to make sure that such works are shared with the public.

At these meetings, it is aimed to form a platform where the local residents can acquire knowledge and experience in various subjects; discuss the problems experienced in the city and region as well as in the country and the world, the requirements and the solutions, and also the participants who are interested in similar issues can get together interactively as a speaker or listener.

Call to mind: Cultural diversity in Kadıköy

“Call to mind: Cultural diversity in Kadıköy” aims to contribute to the efforts to achieve social benefit by promoting the development of pluralism in urban culture. The primary objective of the study on cultural diversity in Kadikoy is to support the development of contemporary urban culture. Accordingly, the activities which took one year to implement were intended to:

  • Protect the cultural heritage,
  • Ensure that cultural memory is passed on to the future generations and
  • Contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue in urban life.

“Environment, Life and Peace in Balkans” with Children

With the participation of KADOS, within the scope of the activities of the Balkan Ecological Network (BEN) based in Drama, Greece, the children of the region made paintings on the theme of “friendship, peace and the environment in Balkan countries”. A calendar was prepared with the selected paintings and the paintings were collected in a book printed in various Balkan languages.

Earth is Our Home

The computer game “Evimiz Dünya (Earth is Our Home)” produced as part of the project “Evimiz Dünya (Earth is Our Home)”, which was put into practice in cooperation with TEMA Foundation and the Ministry of National Education, aiming to raise the awareness of the children on sustainability and habit of consumption.

İstanbul 95

An interactive platform was designed as a tool to facilitate the employees and decision makers of the district municipalities in Istanbul to monitor their services and develop strategies for the services they planned, with a view to examining and mapping the Services for the Children and Families at the District Municipalities in Istanbul. The platform also enables the residents of the town to have access to the detailed information of the municipal services and in this context; it includes the services in Kadıköy.

Association of Kadıköyü Friends of Science Culture and Art (KADOS)

Non-governmental organization founded in 2000 with a view to conducting activities regarding the right to the city, right to the environment as well as cultural and artistic rights and it aims to:

  • Monitor the urban arrangements and develop practices for social benefit in this respect;
  • Carry out scientific research and studies in the field of environment;
  • Organize panels and conferences in order to ensure that the works carried out in the field of city, environment, culture and art are shared with the public and sustained;
  • Contribute to the development of contemporary urban culture by organizing scientific, cultural and artistic events.

Association of Kadıköyü Friends of Science Culture and Art

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