KADOS and Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy collectively organized an Urban Talks activity titled “100% Renewable Energy for Reducing Climate Change” on September 24th within the context of Global Climate Strikes in September 20-27.

Global Climate Strikes, started by Greta Thunberg and becomes one of the biggest global climate movement in a short time, is reported by Murat Can Tonbil, Açık Radyo radiobroadcaster. 


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An interactive platform was designed as a tool to facilitate the employees and decision makers of the district municipalities in Istanbul to monitor their services and develop strategies for the services they planned, with a view to examining and mapping the Services for the Children and Families at the District Municipalities in Istanbul. The platform also enables the residents of the town to have access to the detailed information of the municipal services and in this context; it includes the services in Kadıköy.

Visit for the website of the project carried out with the support of Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), Bernard van Leer Foundation support and in cooperation with Kadir Has University Istanbul Studies Center.

World in My Schoolyard Instructive  Handbook, a handbook prepared as a part of “Kadıköy Municipality Holistic and Collaborative Climate Action Project”  which carried out by cooperation of Kadıköy Municipality and European Foundation, is published for 3 to 6 years old preschoolers:


For further information about the Project:

Visit web_14966-2_1 / evimizdunyao’s / for the computer game “Evimiz Dünya (Earth is Our Home)” produced as part of the project “Evimiz Dünya (Earth is Our Home)”, which was put into practice in cooperation with TEMA Foundation and the Ministry of National Education, aiming to raise the awareness of the children on sustainability and habit of consumption.

“Environment, Life and Peace in Balkans” with Children


With the participation of KADOS, within the scope of the activities of the Balkan Ecological Network (BEN) based in Drama, Greece, the children of the region made paintings on the theme of “friendship, peace and the environment in Balkan countries”. A calendar was prepared with the selected paintings and the paintings were collected in a book printed in various Balkan languages.

During the activities in Greece, the participating organizations agreed to develop a friendship, understanding and cooperation, free from national, religious and political conflicts, in order to create a climate of friendship, understanding and cooperation, and to create peace among the peoples of the Balkan Peninsula.The organizations within the Balkan Ecological Network (BEN) include: Association of Kadıköyü Friends of Science, Culture and Art (KADOS) from Turkey, Environmental Association Morava from Albania, Association of Young Ecologists of Niksic from Montenegro, Friends of Nature Society from Serbia, Citizen’ Association Vision and Enhalon from Macedonia, Bulgarian Society for Conservation of the Rhodope Mountains from Bulgaria, Association of the Romanian Botanical Gardens from Romania, and Ecological Movement of Drama from Greece.


Balkan Ecological Network (BEN) içindeki örgütler arasında; Türkiye’den Kadıköyü Bilim Kültür ve Sanat Dostları Derneği (KADOS)’nin yanı sıra, Arnavutluk’tan Environmental Association Morava, Karadağ’dan Association of Young Ecologists of Niksic, Sırbistan’dan Friends of Nature Society, Makedonya’dan Citizen’ Association Vision ve Enhalon, Bulgaristan’dan Bulgarian Society for Conservation of the Rhodope Mountains, Romanya’dan Association of the Romanian Botanical Gardens ve Yunanistan’dan Ecological Movement of Drama yer alıyor. (2001)