KADOS Science Culture and Art

Association of Kadıköyü Friends of Science Culture and Art (KADOS) is a non-governmental organization founded in 2000 with a view to conducting activities regarding the right to the city, right to the environment as well as cultural and artistic rights and it aims to:

  • Monitor the urban arrangements and develop practices for social benefit in this respect;
  • Carry out scientific research and studies in the field of environment;
  • Organize panels and conferences in order to ensure that the works carried out in the field of city, environment, culture and art are shared with the public and sustained;
  • Contribute to the development of contemporary urban culture by organizing scientific, cultural and artistic events.

“Urban Talks”, one of the events organized ever since the establishment of KADOS, brings the specialised science, culture and art people and the people who are interested in similar areas together and served as a mediator to make sure that such works are shared with the public. At these meetings, it is aimed to form a platform where the local residents can acquire knowledge and experience in various subjects; discuss the problems experienced in the city and region as well as in the country and the world, the requirements and the solutions, and also the participants who are interested in similar issues can get together interactively as a speaker or listener.


KADOS announced the inappropriateness of the high way project planned to run along Moda coastline, with a campaign called, “Stop the Highway Project along Moda Coastline”, which included some actions, such as meeting, marching, distributing leaflets and stopped the project together with the residents of Kadikoy, by getting the support of Moda Neighbourhood Initiative and the local residents.


In addition to the activities it has carried out, as regards the right to the city, right to the environment as well as cultural and artistic rights ever since its establishment, it conducted yet another work in 2019, which was called, “Call to mind: Cultural Diversity in Kadıkoy”, aiming at contributing to the efforts to achieve social benefit by promoting the development of pluralism in urban culture. Accordingly, the activities which took one year to implement were intended to:


  • Protect the cultural heritage,
  • Ensure that cultural memory is passed on to the future generations and
  • Contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue in urban life.

Environment Climate Energy

KADOS monitors the environmental issues in the Black Sea basin, through the Black Sea NGO Network (BSNN) to which it is a Board Member and contributes to international works conducted in this field by network members.

KADOS participated in CSO programmes of the European Commission:

  • NGOs Forum between 2004 – 2008,
  • NGOs Environmental Forum between 2009 – 2012 and
  • ECF (Environment and Climate Forum) between 2014 – 2017 as a part of Environment and Climate Regional Accession Network (ECRAN) established for the training of the Environmental Ministries of the European Union candidate countries.

A non-governmental organisation which was accredited upon the letter, dated 11 November 2015, following the application for participation as an observer, to participate in the Conference of the Parties to the (COP) organised every year as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), KADOS is a member of Climate Action Network (CAN Europe) and carries out works within the Climate Network where it is a founding member in Turkey.


KADOS as the coordinator of Environmental NGOs Platform of Turkey (TÜRÇEP) conducts active fight against climate change and pursues its efforts to inform and raise awareness about solutions for environment and energy issues (energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy) together with the Regional Environmental Platforms that forms the Environmental (TÜRÇEP).

KADOS Executive Committee

Tanay Sıdkı Uyar – Chair of the Executive Committee
Yavuz Bayülken – Vice Chair of the Executive Committee
Dilruba Dikişçioğlu – Accountant
Şeref Serdar – Secretary
Mustafa Gürel – Member of the Executive Committee